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In the shadow, you can see the light

In one of the night , I touched her hand , I feel wrong in my heart . Is it the love ? I do not know. but I moved to my mind and ask it what it is ? .Please you can told me. what it is ? But it is the same answer. you can ask your heart ?but I told you , my heart not have any answer And in the end I found the answer .................I have to give up to the shadow

Our life

In our life , we meeting some people but we wanted not meet them but we meet . In your life you will found some people you hope to stay with them all your life but you can not do that .But about me. I search about some one who can give me the power of life but no way. On the life station we run behind the life train and in every station I found the person who I search about her. but is not her and in the hard station of life I have to find person who love me

On the Top High of The Mountains

I can see all the world even you. The high top not for the falcons only. But I can be falcon and I will found the life in the top by my way!I will fight by my claw to write my name in your heartto love meyou can dream and I will make your dreams are trueIn the long space,I sent to you my message with my bird and you can ask it about my life it will tell you his life ......................you can ask your stars in your nights about me .and about the lover call to all stars in sky to tell you about the loveIn the hard darkness I try to call you to give me the life for livebut no way .where are you ??

Sea without two Beaches

In the love canoe of traveler in sea without two beaches we meeting. Tangling was our finger. we covenanted our selves to confront all life avenues were tangling.In the last part in the night .Out my voice groan broken the quiets of the dark.Voice groan from poet are fill his heart from cause of sadness for everAre the longing are fill his heart? or it is the illness fill his body ?but I send in dark of the darkness my breathes I send in the high space my hopes .I search about woman.how leave meI am wasted the jungles hiker (seeker) I am exile love . Body without soul

الثلاثاء، 4 مايو 2010

Sherif Mohammed Salama Abo El Kaseem

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتة

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